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Madison Wi Wedding videography

We are a full service multimedia company. What does that mean? On this page you will find a perfect example of what we mean. We always work very closely with our clients. We story board a commercial and then script it out. From there our voice production department will voice the commercial, then our video production department will add graphics and music and the final product will look start out with a professional script (like the example seen below) and end up like the video below. Click HERE to see our latest TV commercial

radio commercial madison wi

Creating TV spots sounds easy...but it's a lot of work. The pre-planning for a typical TV ad is usually two weeks. We work with you to come up with a unique and entertaining way to deliver YOUR message. This TV spot was for a political campaign and we really wanted to show the "inefficiencies" of government and how our client was going to change that. This was a successful campaign for everyone.

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